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Project ocaml-ast-analyze


Ocaml-ast-analyze should provide an abstraction of the structure required to build pr_*.cmo module for camlp4. The idea is to provide a simple way to build Ocaml abstract syntax tree analyzer. This should be particularly useful for string extraction of Ocaml source code.


For now, ocaml-ast-analyze comes in the form of a module with functor, that enable to build a module with some particular filtering rules. You can match some parts of the Ocaml AST in this filter.

Ocaml-ast-analyze also provides a pr_ast_dump.cmo that pretty print the AST of a particular Ocaml source file. This allow to understand what kind of structure we want to match.


Version 0.1.1

This is the first official public release. This release is only made for the purpose of releasing ocaml-gettext which is based on this tool.