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Projects index


This is a list of self-developped projects. Some were developped for school projects, others are personnal projects. School projects are not maintained anymore, but can still be useful for some people. If you want to adopt an unmaintained project please contact me.


I was used to maintain bugs in a Debian Bug Tracking System. This interface was mail based. Thanks to spammer, i closed it 3 months after having made it public.

Now, to prevent spammer attacks, you must have a login. I am sorry for this inconvenience. It will add one more login/password to your personnal memory.

If you really don't want to have another login/password to remember send me your bug. I will add it myself to the database.

This bug tracking system is powered by flyspray.

Mailing list

For now, no project are big enough to require a mailing list. Maybe, some mailing list manager will be set if some projects really require it. Since, i don't like creating mailing-list dedicated to receive spam, if i create a mailing list, it will be restricted to member (yes, it is another login/password to remember).


After one year of regular use of a wiki for projects, i am convinced that it is a great tool for collaborative documentation. A wiki containing a section per project is set. It contains also restricted section, which are for personnal topics.

This wiki is powered by wiclear.


I use blog as projects news. In other words, i mainly use it to keep users informed of differents tasks i am doing on a project. In other words, it is not a personnal diary.

This blog is powered by dotclear.

Savannah projects

Soe of my projects are on savannah. This projects are there because this are collaborative projects. I don't allow people to access my server directly. I think it is dangerous. Savannah is really a better place to do collaborative maintainance of a project, since it has bugs, mailing list and tasks management interfaces.


All my library are licensed using LGPL v2.1 or any later, all my programs using GPL v2 or any later. When the library is an OCaml one, the OCaml static compilation exception (this means you can use LGPL library even if you compiled it statically without meaning your work will become a derivative work of the library).

Some projects doesn't even contain a license. Please consider them as explained in the paragraph above. Most of this project are really small and don't really worth a license. It is also possible that some projects are not LGPL or GPL. Most of the time, it will be because some part of the code depends on non GPL application.