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Sunday, November 9 2008

OCaml meeting 2009 in Grenoble

Since September 2008, Alan Schmitt and I have decided to organize a new OCaml Meeting following the JFLA. This will be the second time of such an event. Last year we were 50 people -- after a very short period for organizing it (less than a month). This year we decided to prepare things earlier.

As a matter of fact, the last year events has at least generated a peak in OCaml mailing list (602 message in January, 487 in february...) It also has given birth to several things like planet and forge. It has also help to start things like batteries. I hope this year events will help people to meet and exchange great ideas for OCaml promotion.

Waiting to see a lot of "OCaml"ers at OCaml Meeting 2009.

Monday, February 25 2008


Since 4 hours, the planet of ocamlcore.org is online.

This is the first service provided by ocamlcore.org to the OCaml community. In fact, ocamlcore.org team has decided to release it today, because Erik Castro de Lopo ask a question about another OCaml planet in China. The one in China seems to be gathered through google search...

Putting online the planet is also the occasion to test a little application to manage feed subscription: ocaml-planet. This script is quite trivial but it was a good first experiment of managing CGI/sqlite through OCaml. The application should help us to control subscription of feeds. I think this is a better way to subscribe than letting people commit changed planet.conf in some kind of SCM (like we do for planet debian). Once the forge of ocamlcore.org will be online, we will publish the source code of this application.

I hope that this planet will be of some help for the OCaml community...


Tuesday, February 19 2008

ocamlcore.org ongoing progress

With a small team, we are setting up ocamlcore.org. For now the site is quite experimental. This site should help OCaml developpers to have a common place to share their coding experience with other. This includes, but is not limited to, a planet and a forge.

I think that we will be able to finish the setup of the planet quite soon, but i am uncertain about the forge settings, which is far more complicated. However, this is a great experiment, because i never have really try to set up this kind of things...

I think this week (and this week-end) will help us achieve a great part of the settings of ocamlcore.org. We will have occasions to meet face to face with Stefano Zacchiroli and Romain Beauxis, either here in Paris or at FOSDEM.

Wednesday, January 16 2008

OCamlMeeting in Paris

Since 3 weeks, half of my worktime (but i don't have worked that much, due to another real life occupation) has been dedicated to setting up a meeting for the OCaml community in Paris.

This is the first public meeting about OCaml in France. It will be located at ENST (Telecom Paris) on January, the 26th 2008. This should be an occasion for the european OCaml community to meet in the real life and to discuss the hottest current topics of OCaml.

I hope that this meeting will help people to begin creating a more consistent community around OCaml. In fact, the community already exists -- but it will be a time to meet several members that has never meet before...

More information and subscribtion

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