spring cleaning


Just a quick post to thanks Marek Kubica for his help on the spring cleaning.

Here are the feeds that have been removed:

  • Red Lizard Software

  • Alp Mestan

  • Arlen Cuss

  • Daniel Patterson

  • Victor Nicollet, cannot find any feeds on the new blog

  • OCaml Hackers

  • Mauricio Fernandez, offline

  • Christopher Conway, no OCaml-related posts since 2008

  • Liquidsoap, cannot find the HTML blog on the website

Here is the feed that have been added:

  • Marc Simpson

Here are the feeds that have been updated:

  • Jane Street Capital now points to

  • Jamie Brandon now points to

  • Mihamina Rakotomandimby now points to

  • Dario Teixeira now points to

  • Erik de Castro Lopo now points to but FP-Sydney has been removed

  • Y-Node now points to

If you want that we had back your blog, please follow the howto add your feed to planet. We didn't have removed feed on purpose, this was just a way to get rid of a lot of 404,

And don't forget, is now served by! Update your feed reader.