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This is not a big secret, Debian Squeeze has been released. Right after this event, the OCaml Debian Task force was back in action -- with Stephane in the leading role. He has planned the transition to OCaml 3.12.0. We will proceed in two steps: a small transition of a reduced set of packages that can be transitioned before 3.12 and then the big transition.

The reason for the small transition, is to avoid having to dep-wait (waiting for dependencies) of package upload by human. In -- a not so far -- past, the OCaml Debian Task force members were uploading packages by hand and waited for a full rebuild to go to the next step. This was long and cumbersome. We use now binNMU: it is binary only uploads -- with no source changes -- processed automatically by the release team and its infrastructure. This is far more effective and helps us to reduce the delay of the transition...

The small transition is happening now!!! Don't update/upgrade your critical Debian installations with OCaml packages, you'll get a lot of removal if you do so. N.B. these removal are part of the famous {{Enforcing type-safe linking using package dependencies}} paper.

As a side note, I am happy to announce that a full round of new OCaml packages has landed in Debian unstable:

People aware of my current work, should notice that all the dependencies of OASIS are now in Debian unstable: ocaml-data-notation, ocamlify, ocaml-expect. This is a hint about the next OCaml Debian package, I will upload. You can also have a look at OASIS enabled packages (all the OASIS dependencies, ocaml-sqlexpr and ocaml-extunix). These packages have been generated using oasis2debian a tool to convert _oasis into debian/ packaging files.

After these transition we will continue proceeding with standard upgrade work (e.g. camomile to 0.8.1).

Sylvain Le Gall is an OCaml consultant working for OCamlCore SARL

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