Project children has forked

The new project shares the same code base, but this branch is a total rewrite of the project children.

Clementine is born on 8th July 2010, at 12:01 Paris time. She is now at home with her mother, father and brother. She is very peaceful and hardly cry once or twice in a day: at bath time and around 5am for her night lunch.

Clementine by Bernard Le Gall

I will probably lack of time in the coming month. Expect some delays with the OCaml forge, other OCaml projects I maintain and my OCaml Debian packages.


1. On Wednesday, July 14 2010, 02:28 by Jane Frobnica

So, enjoying the hot branch forking action? </oblig GitHub plug>

2. On Wednesday, July 14 2010, 22:37 by shermann

Congrats :) Children are good projects...much better then IT projects ;)

3. On Thursday, July 15 2010, 01:06 by Gonéri

She's so pretty :)

4. On Thursday, July 15 2010, 06:29 by Markus

Congratulations, seems like a very successful project! May it keep branching forever :-)

5. On Thursday, July 15 2010, 11:28 by ddumont

She's really cute. Congratulations :-D

6. On Thursday, July 15 2010, 20:05 by Martin

Congratulations to the developers for this promising release!

7. On Tuesday, July 20 2010, 14:59 by Jean-Baptiste

Long life to this project!
It will outlive its founders ;-)

8. On Tuesday, July 20 2010, 15:34 by gildor

Thank you all for your congratulations.

9. On Saturday, July 24 2010, 17:49 by yziquel

Really cute.

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