Waiting for her in ~1month

My wife is pregnant and we are expecting our second baby's arrival in about a month. Last time, she came back from her preparation lessons with a adverstisement "baby shower" gift pack.

One of them catch my attention:

English translation: be prepared to offer him the best...

English translation: because Debian guarantee the quality and offering the quality is a proof of love

OK, the swirl is the other way and I made a 5 minutes GIMP modification to cut-and-paste the Debian logo. But the message is here!

Remember me:

For those interested, the real thing is a soap called NUK(R).


1. On Thursday, June 10 2010, 10:04 by Wolfgang Lonien

Bonjour Sylvain and Violaine,

what a great idea! And a nice picture as well - did you take that?

It must be an awesome feeling, I still remember the time almost 6 years ago when we were expecting.

Best wishes and also best luck to all of you,


2. On Thursday, June 10 2010, 10:22 by gildor

Thanks Wolfgang. This is indeed a magic feeling ;-)

3. On Thursday, June 24 2010, 17:46 by BostonPeng

I hate to say this, but I have to disagree with you on that last line. The "real thing" is in fact a great GNU/Linux distro. The soap makers snagged the name, and I hope they've discovered that the distro came first. At least I hope it did.

Congrats to you and your wide on the forthcoming addition to your family!

4. On Thursday, June 24 2010, 18:12 by gildor

Thank you BostonPeng. The soap is in fact called Nuk(R), I just overwrite the name to replace it by Debian on the picture ;-)

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