Last year, I was not able to attend FOSDEM due to last minute problems. However, this year I will be there and even attend the Debian for some periods ([]).

I will bring my Openbrick NG with a standard Debian Lenny and probably a Babelbox installation. The Openbrick is a VIA C3 fanless computer. It is not very exotic but it is quite interesting to see this kind of hardware. For years, I have tried to build/use fanless computer. This is not a very popular topic but it introduces problems of heat and noise at a higher level.

I am still setting up the Babelbox, which should have been a Debian Lenny RC1. I will try to upgrade it to Debian Lenny 5.0.3.

See you at FOSDEM 2010.

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

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