Debcamp, Debconf 9 and OCaml

This year I will spend 2 weeks at Debcamp and Debconf9. With some other members of the Debian OCaml Task Force, we will try to improve dh-ocaml.

In particular, we will try to implement a proposal by Stefano Zacchiroli for OCaml link-time compatibility and Debian dependencies. This proposal, approximated ABI in the paper, should allow to reflect through Debian dependencies which OCaml libraries are compatible. For now relationship between OCaml packages are quite naive, since we only use version operation like: >=, >>, <=... These operations are not precise enough with regard to OCaml assumption about modules. This proposal will improved dependencies by using virtual package that will make a summary of OCaml assumption.

If time and workforce is enough, maybe it should also be a good time to refesh our policy a little bit and take a look at implementing lintian check for it. But this only "bonus objectives" for this year Debcamp/Debconf.

Last time Debconf7 has been a great place to exchange idea, to delve into debian subjects and to discover totally amazing thing. The rest of the year, I am always busy with real life and urgent debian work. Debcamp and Debconf will be a great time to stay for a long period on the same subject, trying to find the best solution.

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