OCaml meeting 2009, subscription about to end

The subscription will end on January the 25th, for people willing to come to this unique OCaml event, this is your last chance !!!!

We have 40 participants for now. I am quite happy with this number because it is almost the same as last year -- except that we do it in Grenoble rather than Paris. Anyway, I see that a lot of people who were there last year, will come back to this year events. There is also a few more people, in particular more from CAML consortium members.

I have stepped down from the first talk about OCamlCore.org in favor of Stefano Zacchiroli. Zack has really helped me on this project since the begin (with Pietro Abate and Romain Beauxis). I am very happy that he can do the talk.

I will do myself, a talk about my last project for Talend. This was a great project targeting to be as fast as a standard C application but in OCaml. The point is that OCaml helped me to do quickly a working prototype and then optimize it for speed. All in all, after 6 months I was able to deliver Talend with a working and fast application. This kind of release cycle is harder to achieve in other programming language. OCaml compile time verification helped me a lot.

I hope that in the last remaining 2 days, some more people will subscribe.

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