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Even if i don't like talking about this in public, Lucas Nussbaum blog entry decides me to write this, because I, too, agree that the Debian accounts and keyring situation is severely hurting Debian, and that a solution needs to be found RSN.

I wish to be more clear on some of my positions concerning this. First of all, I am actually being hit by a "GPG key expired" status that prevents me to vote and upload packages. It is a little bit my fault because 1) i set an expiration date on my GPG and 2) i only update this expiration date in less than 1 month before it expires -- but it was more than 3 months ago... I have pinged different people since then to get the keyring updated without success. I have reuploaded my key without expiration date, and now i know that things can take a long time inside Debian (2nd rank after waiting for my own Debian account creation).

Another point is concerning DM (Debian Maintainer). I was against the proposal when it was voted, because i was thinking it will create a "sub" status of Debian Developper (i.e people which are in between debian users and debian developers). I have changed my mind concerning this point the DM process is lightweight and everything seems to be faster with it. This is a really good points for DM (and jetring). I am also considering to sponsor myself to apply to DM, in order to have a non-expired GPG key somewhere.

Last but not least, i met several French NM at DebConf 7 (Kibi, Goneri...). At that time, i didn't know them. Since DC7, I have seen them working on different parts of Debian. I think it is a shame to make them wait so long. It is really the best way to make their motivations disappear. Looking back at my own situation, i realize that i was more active before my account creation. This is probably because it takes a long time to process, and i loose hope in a possible account creation. I am now more active in Debian, but still not doing as much as i want to.

I don't know the best solution to solve this problem. I tend to think that some key people should delegate their work to other DD (within a team ?). Last year at DC7, Sam Hocevar was already discussing this problem with the people involved in Account Creation. I don't know what was the result of this discussion...

Hope, this post will help to show that this problem is important.


1. On Tuesday, April 15 2008, 13:33 by Jon

If you did sponsor yourself as d-m and theoretically you were accepted (I suspect the maintainers would not actually add the key though); you'd still need a sponsored upload of all your packages to add the required control header and possibly uploaders headers for yourself.

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