OCaml 3.10.0 transition is still ongoing

One month later... the OCaml transition is in good shape.

In fact, the transition was almost finished after 15 days of work for the OCaml task force (i.e. September 20th or so). OCaml task force is now waiting to enter testing. The transition is blocked, because there is also an ongoing GTK transition that cross our path.

In order to enter testing, some packages will be removed: ocamldbi, regexp-pp... Zack has done a small poll to see if there was any reasons to keep them, since they don't compile with 3.10.0. After a week, we decided to go on and remove these packages.

With the transition there will be some small changes:

  • cameleon has been upgraded to 1.9.18 (+ some svn correction)
  • camomile is now in version 0.6.0
  • for ocaml developpers, we are now trying to ship as much as possible an ocamldoc generated documentation with every XXX-dev package (referenced as XXX-ocamldoc-apiref in doc-base)
  • arm and ia64 are buggy and prevent some packages to build (felix, camomile), these architectures won't be native anymore (OCaml will be shipped without ocamlopt on this arch)

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